Mobile Control - Unable to connect to the host SSP system*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus using mobile control.

This article has been updated for the current SongShow Mobile Control.  Additional steps may be available for Legacy app and require contacting the support team. 

Legacy Mobile Control apps available prior to March 1, 2018 are no longer available for download and have been deprecated.  If you still have these apps, there may be limited support available by contacting the support team but at some point they will stop working.  It is recommended that you acquire the new SongShow Mobile Control app for your device.

User is unable to connect to the host SongShow Plus system that they want to control using the app.  When trying to connect an "Unable to connect" error message appears on the mobile device.

Troubleshooting Steps:
This assumes that all other setup steps have been followed first.  If you have not verified all of the SSP Mobile Control setup and settings already please consult the articles related to that first. 

SongShow Plus Testing
If you are running SongShow Plus on Windows 10 the easiest way to confirm that Mobile Control is working as expected in SongShow Plus itself is to download the Windows 10 version of the app from the Microsoft Store on the same system you have SongShow Plus installed on.  This will allow you to test the Mobile Control function locally on the host system.  If this works as expected then you can move on to network and device checks to find the trouble.   You can also use the same app on other Windows 10 PCs on the network to verify connection to the host system if you are having network issues.

If this does not work as expected on the local host you should check the SSP settings before contacting the support team.

Network Testing
PART 1 - Basic Ping Test

  1. From another PC on your network, use the basic ping utility from a command prompt to see if the target system will respond.
  2. Open a command prompt and type "ping" to get a list of options.
  3. Enter the IP address of the target system (SSP host) in the correct format and see if you get a response.  If you are unsure how to do this, contact your IT professional for assistance.
  4. If you get no response there is most likely a larger network issue.  Resolve this before continuing to PART 2.

PART 2 - Wired Network Verification

  1. If it is not already, connect the SSP host system to your network using a wired Ethernet (RJ45) connection.
  2. Launch SSP on the host system.
  3. From a second system connected to your network using a wired Ethernet connection, try to connect to the SSP host machine from a web browser by entering the host system

    IP address in the browser address bar.  If this connects then we know that it is a wireless issue and you should continue to PART 3. 
    If it does not connect in this manner, please contact your IT department to resolve the network communication issues.

PART 3 - Wireless Network Verification

  1. Download and install the network tool called FING (free for both iOS and Android) on the device you are trying to connect to the SSP host system with.
  2. With SSP still running on the host system, launch the FING app on your device.  It should do the initial scan automatically.
  3. Once the scan is complete, look for the name and/or IP address of the SSP host system.  If it is not listed at all then you have an issue with your wireless network - proceed to the

    Possible Causes/Solutions below. 

Possible Cause:
Incorrect or conflicting network router, modem or wireless access point settings is isolating the wireless devices.

Possible Solution: 
You may need to either modify settings (if possible) or disable the isolation feature in your router/modem/AP to allow your wireless devices to see the rest of the network.  Refer to KB MC019 for more details.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is possibly associated with the network connection or availability of the host SongShow Plus system on the network.

Possible Solution:
You can refer to the KB MC024 for complete setup instructions.
There are several things that must be set in order for this to work correctly.

Verify that the device is on the same network as the host system.  This can be done by verifying they are on the same subnet and can ping each other.  Contact your IT professional if you do not know how to do this.

Verify the host SongShow Plus system is running with SongShow Plus launched and running.

Verify that the host SongShow Plus system has Mobile Control enabled.  This can be found in the Settings menu or the Configuration/Utilities Panel.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is possibly a firewall blocking access across the network.

Possible Solution:
Check your firewall settings and verify that SongShow Plus is allowed inbound and outbound access.
Consult KB MC010 for details.

Possible Cause:
The root cause is possibly duplicate networks or more than one network device in the host SongShow Plus system.

Possible Solution:
Check your Host system for multiple networks.
If your Host system has access to more than one network, it may be necessary to designate which network is being used in the Mobile Control setup on the Host SongShow Plus system.  If you have more than one network adapter in the Host system you may need to remove or disable one of them.

NOTE:  It appears that Windows will give preference to a wired network adapter over a wireless network adapter that are in the same system on the same network.  For our purposes, when two adapters are present in the same system,  the wired network adapter should be on the network used for Mobile Control on the host SSP machine. 

Contact your IT professional if you have issues resolving this.

If none of the solutions listed above resolve your issue, please contact the support team for further investigation.


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