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George Taylor
7/1/2023 12:07:36 AM

You are checking out the latest version of SongShow Plus 9.3.

The release of SongShow Plus version 9.3 dated 06/29/2023 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download. 
The purpose of the release is to let you have a look at the new features and offer feedback. We are still working through bugs and defects, however, if you are having a problem using a feature, please post a question about it on this forum.  If you need assistance with setting up your forum access, review this article.

If you have a question or comment, please start a new thread. 

9.3 Installation and Activation: 
As in the past, Version 9.3 will not overwrite any existing installation but rather install as a separate application.  This will allow you to test/review 9.3 on the same machine you currently use and easily compare versions.

Regarding activation of 9.3: This  build will activate normally with any available 9.3 license. Simply ensure that your subscription is current and activate normally, selecting an available license from your account. Refer to this article for details.

It is possible that when this build is installed that the connection to the media and slide properties is lost.  If this occurs, please consult this article.

*SongShow Builder*
Along with the SongShow Plus 9.3 build, there is also the SongShow Builder.  This is a new web-based tool in development that will allow broader access by staff and better utilize the SongShow Connect subscription.  For more information on this exciting development view this forum thread.

*NEW* in this release:

SongShow Plus

    NEW Features

    • None

    Bug Fixes

    • Updated User Guide.
    • Corrected issue regarding Package To Go and selection of location/destination on local folders.
    • Corrected issue regarding Package To Go and selection of location/destination on Connect folders.
    • Corrected issue regarding locating media files from prior version (must be first installation of 9.3)
    • Corrected issue regarding locating utility settings from prior version (must be first installation of 9.3)
    • Corrected issue regarding checking for updates.
    • Corrected issue regarding SongShow Builder link.
    • Corrected issue regarding utilities description.

    Included in this release: 

    SongShow Plus

    New Indexer - The new SSP Indexer is more robust that the previous indexer and provides several new features:

    • Image color indexing is now included with the standard installation. Chromex installation is no longer needed.
    • Added metadata indexing for Song Show Plus slide shows.
    • Added metadata indexing for PowerPoint files.
    • Added metadata indexing for audio and video chains.
    • Added optional indexing using Azure Computer Vision.

    NOTE: After the initial installation of this build, the new indexer will index all content for the first time so this may take a short time before all items are available.  It is advised to launch SongShow Plus and allow several minutes to ensure all content is indexed and shows up before proceeding.

    • Added support for High Efficiency Image Files (.HEIF and .HEIC file formats) (Requires installation of the Microsoft HEIF Image Extensions app)
    • Added automatic sign-in when opening support pages from SSP.
    • Addition of Quick Assist in Help
    • Planning Center Online - Enhanced the Planning Center Online import process to now use a song's CCLI number when available.

    SongSelect® by CCLI® API updates

    • CCLI changed their API to accommodate Auto Reporting   **Breaking change for versions of SSP 9.2 and earlier. The latest info we have from CCLI is the first week of June 2023.** 
      • The expectation is that when SongSelect turns off the old API that SongSelect will not work in SSP 9.2 and earlier.
      • The SongSelect Download File option will still work in SSP 9.2 and earlier.
      • Auto Reporting option now available for CCLI in SSP

    SongSelect® by CCLI® Search and Import updates

    • Changed preview of song text - limited info previewed.
    • Full song text and data only available after download.
    • Improvements to make multiple, disparate, song search and import in the same session easier

    Song Activity Tracking

    • Added Activity Tracking Settings
    • Schedule to enabling tracking
      • Set and select specific days, start times and duration to enable tracking.
      • Options for Auto Reporting and Manual tracking
      • When Auto Reporting is enabled, reporting is done real-time rather than quarterly.
    • Updated Activity Report
      • Current Report Period moved to the top of the list.

      Bug Fixes

      • Corrected issue regarding User folder creation on install issue.
      • Corrected issue regarding SongShow Builder link correction.
      • Corrected issue regarding Mobile Control SSL Library error (other issues may still exist to be resolved before production release).
      • Corrected issue regarding non-contiguous Scripture verse selection issue (this is not allowed).
      • Corrected issue regarding SongSelect Online importer and incorrect characters during import.
      • Corrected issues regarding indent settings.
      • Corrected issue regarding Bible version edits from the Program panel.
      • Corrected issue regarding SSP News updates.
      • Corrected bug related to SongSelect auto-reporting that affected a small number of systems.
      • Corrected issue regarding Planning Center Online media download
      • Corrected issue regarding Planning Center Online media import via Program
      • Corrected issue regarding SongSelect import message typo
      • Corrected issue regarding Scripture bible switching error
      • Corrected issue regarding Scripture KJV bible typo in Psalms 119:24
      • Corrected issues regarding various audio and video transport controls
      • Corrected issues regarding adding and presenting content from the Inspector Panel.
      • Corrected issue related to overlapping audio playback.
      • Corrected issue related to preview of audio track control loss.
      • Corrected issue related to Slide Properties - Visibility of word wrap controls.
      • Corrected issue related to Slide Properties - Visibility of stroke selection controls.
      • Corrected issue related to Slide Properties - Scripture transitions when presented from the Media Panel.
      • Corrected issue related to Slide Properties - Text Layout settings not being saved.
      • Corrected issue related to Slide Properties - Scripture version displayed incorrectly.
      • Corrected issue related to application of bullets in the Text Slides Assistant.
      • Corrected issue related to failed Drive uploads for audio files that contain metadata.
      • Corrected issue related to Themes - Print Program dialog did not display correctly with dark theme.
      • Corrected issue related to Themes - File/Folder rename dialog did not display correctly with dark theme.
      • Corrected issue regarding SongSelect search results with no author data.
      • Corrected issue related to Drive and pre 9.1 PTG uploads. 

      SlideShow Builder

      Bug Fixes

      • Corrected issue related to background image downloads via Shift Worship or Bing searches.

      Thanks again for choosing SongShow Plus

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