SSP Media Indexer - A Primer


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions: 
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus 9.3 and Later

 * Ensure that you are using the most current build of SongShow Plus from the Download page for the best experience. *   

A new useful feature introduced in the 9.3 version of SongShow Plus is the SongShow Plus Media Indexer. This combines previously independent features (Search By Color) and new features like use of metadata and alternate tools for finding and sorting media files.  This will run in the background and should not have to be managed although from time to time it may be necessary to access the controls of the indexer. 

NOTE: When first updating to the 9.3 version, all media in SSP will be re-indexed the first time SSP is run.  This can take several minutes, especially if there are a lot of media files. Some, but not all files should populate right away - check Images first.  If after 5 minutes or so, no files show up, a restart of SSP should resolve.  If not, initiate a re-index as described below.   

By default, the SSP Media Indexer is enabled with the default settings and is not visible to the end user.  In order to see and change the settings, there are two steps needed to accomplish this - Enabling the Indexer Settings, then accessing the settings themselves.  

 Enabling the Indexer Settings

  1. Close SongShow Plus.
  2. From the Windows Start menu select Programs > SongShow Plus 9.3 > Configuration. (You will need admin rights for this operation)
  3. Locate Indexer Settings and click the link.
  4. Scroll down and locate the Show Indexer Menu Item option.
  5. Select the Yes option.
  6. Click Save to store settings and close. Elevate as needed to complete.
  7. This will populate the Indexer related controls in the SSP toolbar menus.

 Viewing the Indexer Settings

  1. Open SongShow Plus.
  2. From the main toolbar select Tools and verify that the Show Indexer option is available.
  3. From the main toolbar select Settings and verify that the Indexer... option is available.

 Changing the Indexer Settings

  1. Once the settings are enabled, they can be accessed within SongShow Plus.
  2. Open SongShow Plus.
  3. NOTE: It is recommended that these be change AFTER talking to support for best results.
  4. From the main toolbar select Settings and then the Indexer option.
  5. Locate and modify the desired setting.

Reindex the SongShow Plus database

  1. Launch SongShow Plus.
  2. From the main toolbar select Tools > Show Indexer.
  3. The Indexer should open.  Check the taskbar for icon.
  4. Locate the View option for the Indexer panel and make sure it is selected for Current Processes.
  5. Click the Rebuild All Indexes button to start the process. Several items will appear in the Current Processes pane.
  6. Wait until the Current Processes pane is clear again.
  7. Close then re-open SongShow Plus and verify that all files are present as expected.  If they are not, contact the Support Team.

Media Housekeeping  - This can be very important.  While the SSP Indexer will eventually index all files completely, an overly large media library will slow the process.  Please review the articles below:

SSP Best Practices - Housekeeping for SongShow Plus - Media Files
SSP Best Practices - Housekeeping for SongShow Plus - Program Files

Additional SongShow Plus Media Indexer related help and information on known issues can be found by reviewing the self-help resources and training options for SongShow Plus.

Training Videos - A video walk-through of this process may be available.  Depending on your current subscription level, you can go to the GoFishMedia website training page and log in with the same Customer ID and password that you use to log in to the SongShow Plus site or activate SongShow Plus. - Review this article for more details.

If you have any questions regarding the use of or issues with any of the SongShow Plus Media Indexer features, please contact the Support Team.


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